+ Circuit Work

Headliner in independent clubs around UK and Europe (inc. Laughing Horse, Mirth Control, Oi Oi Comedy, Ha Ha Weston, Drones Club Cardiff, Etc Theatre London, Oslo Kristikmasse, 123 Comedy Clubs Belgium etc).

Headliner, MC & Opener for Mirth Control Comedy

MC, opener & support for The Stand Comedy Clubs

MC & support for Soho Comedy (inc weekends)

MC & opener for The Comedy Club

Opener & Support for Screaming Blue Murder

Headliner & opener for Laughing Horse Comedy Clubs

Weekend bookings at The Comedy Store London (unpaid feature)

MC & Support for Crack Comedy Clubs

Support for Scoundrels Comedy Club

OPener & Support for Cotswold Comedy Clubs

MC & Support for Lil Fat Comedy

Support & Opener for Kill For A Seat

Tour Support 2014 & 2015 for Sean Hughes, Arthur Smith and Boothby Graffoe.

Also Warm up support for Alan Davis & Omid Djalili (preview shows).

+ Festival Work

Iszi has appeared at countless festivals including, Headlining at Shambhala, Volksfest, Belladrum, Truck, Ashton court, Meadowfields, Wychwood, Woodstock as well as the the Brighton, Camden, Leicester and Edinburgh fringe plus Oxfringe, Leicester Comedy Festival, Reading Comedy Festival and Jersey Comedy Festival.

Edinburgh Shows

2002 Spinning Jenny by Paul Kerensa Pleasance Dome. Iszi was cast in the title role as 'Jenny'.
2003 Skitzaphrantic Pleasance Attic. A sketch show by Noel James and Steve Best. Iszi wrote a small amount as was third man in some of their sketches as well as sound engineer.
2004 The Passion of the Hodgson Perrier Award Winner, Best Newcomer. Iszi featured in sketches and played guitar in the show that was written and starred the unique comedian, Wil Hodgson.
2004 We Are Klang Underbelly. Performed and Written by Marek Larwood, Greg Davis & Steve Hall. Iszi only was technician for this extremely complex live show. She did have two walk on roles in the show, mainly involving punching Greg Davis and Steve Hall in the balls.
2005 Unproper Iszi Lawrence & Owen Niblock. After doing well in the BBC New act competition, Iszi did a double header show with her friend Owen. The show was pretty terrible as most new comics shows are, but it got some four star reviews.
2009 A Matter of Tact Iszi's first solo show. After returning to Stand up in 2008, Iszi put together an hour of her stand up about being an awkward atheist, in bridging the ground between her religious friends and family and her growing skepticism. The show got a five star review from Threeweeks Magazine as well as a number of positive three and four star reviews.
2012 Iszi Lawrence's Wotnot The Stand 2. After performing at the Camden Fringe in 2010 & 2011, Iszi took her new show up to the Fringe in 2012. It focused on bisexuality, feminism and social ostrichism. It was a sell out show and acheieved 2 Five Star and 5 Four Star reviews.
2013 Iszi Lawrence: Publicity Stunted This show focused on the world of online fame and self promotion and how that interfers with real relationships. How the online world and real world result in the general relativity of happiness. Average Audience Rating: ★★★★★

Since 2014 Iszi has been working on The Z List Dead list and has performed it at over 20 venues throughout the UK inlcuding The British Museum, the Reading Comedy Festival, Nottingham Comedy festival and British Science Festival.

+ Radio Credits

Regular contributer to BBC Radio 4's Making History (2016).

Radio credits also include appearances on TalkRadio's Trajedy Plus Time with Bob Mills, BBC Radio 1′s The Milkrun, BBC radio Oxford’s Breakfast show and BBC 7 as a BBC New Comedy Award semi-finalist. She has also written and performed for Resonance FM’s The Ten Minute Sketch Show. Her voice over work includes online games (Smorpheus) as well as podcasts including The Skeptics Guide To the Universe.

TV work includes regular appearances on Not The One Show (London Live), talking head on Shorts TV as well as presenting work for NFTS and promotional material e.g. The Conway Hall.

+ Podcasts

Iszi hosts two podcasts.

The Z List Dead List is a pocast about obscure people from History. It has interviews with historians, journalists and comedians about the people that you don't hear about in the History books. Iszi started it in Spetember 2014.

It runs in series of 6 episodes - sometimes with a bonus at the end of the series. Each episode comes out once a week on a Thursday at approx 1:00 am UK time. The gap between series is approx 6-8 weeks as this is how long it takes Iszi to research and edit the podcast.

Previous Guests include Jon ronson, Natalie Haynes, Helen Zaltzman, Richard Herring and Griff Rhys Jones.

You can listen on iTunes or stream it online or download the podcast directly on the Listen page on the website.

Sundays Supplement has been running since 2008 and is a massive waste of time with a suprisingly loyal audience. Each week Iszi and writer Simon Dunn review last week's Sunday Newspapers to see which had the best Supplements. The conversation usually breaks down into jokes about dildos and calling each other Bumface.

You can listen on iTunes or stream it online or download the podcast directly on the website.

It is released on a tuesday, and usually has 2-3 episodes a month.

+ Want to ask a question?

Ask Iszi a question through the contact page.


'Absolutely brilliant.' Nottingham Live
‘delicious, meticulous and elegant.’
‘unconventionally sassy.’
Louder Than War *****
‘see her before she hits the big time.’
Three Weeks****
‘equal measures silly and provocative.’
‘a deeply affable and engaging stage presence.’
‘energetic, endearing, thoughtful and highly recommended, particularly for those on the lookout for exciting new talent.’
‘Covers refreshing new ground or presents a fresh slant on stand-up staples.’
Broadway Baby****
‘she could never blend into a crowd, but then given the show she is delivering this year she definitely deserves to stand out anyway.’
one 4 review ****
‘ferociously intelligent with a sharp turn of phrase.’
‘a comedian who is clearly going places.’
‘packed with wit and insight.’
The Skinny ****
The List ****
‘she’s as adept with an anecdote as she is with a one-liner, and her trips down comedy asides are on-the-spot funny.’
The Herald
“Her performance invites comparisons to both Josie Long and Stewart Lee whilst being less of an acquired taste than either. One more square kick in the bollocks to the ‘women aren’t funny’ brigade, Lawrence is well worth your time.”
“More worth watching than all the tried and trite performances peddled out by the McIntyre’s, Bishops and Kays that so regularly make garish our television screens, put together.”
“Iszi Lawrence finds herself in bracket alongside Josie Long and Sarah Millican”
Oxford Times
“A joy to watch.”
Somerset County Gazette
“She’s good… really good.”
Oxford Mail
‘Still acts like the girl who didn’t fit in at school to great comic effect – Comedy Pick’
London Lite
‘She is hilarious.’
Richard Herring
‘Manages to be both intelligent and silly – a winning combination’
Jo Caulfield
‘A lot of charm and a lot of talent v.impressed’
Paul Sinha
‘Dead good’
Greg Davis