iszi lawrence at the Oxford Union

I have been onstage over 2000 times.

I can help you with any presentation. Serious, academic, formal or just for fun.

Learn how to speak confidently and make real connections with your audience.

Iszi Lawrence at the British Museum

LEarning to speak with confidence takes time

But there are practical tricks you can learn in a single session that will make massive improvements!

No one is more aware of how to engage an audience than a comedian. 


With over a decade of experience talking in places from nightclubs to boardrooms to the Oxford Union, I can help you master your nerves, present effectively and, most importantly, be yourself on stage.

Fear of public speaking is perfectly natural but it can be easily overcome. Not only will you learn practical tips on how to engage an audience, but you’ll also soon be looking forward with excitement to your next speaking engagement.


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A small group doing a speech writing exercise at Sheffiled University

A small group doing a speech writing exercise at Sheffiled University

I work primarily with academics (UCL, Sheffield University, Wychwood School, Thetford Museums, and more) who are looking to enthuse both experts and the public about their subject. Together we can make dry facts interesting, and we can unearth the most engaging parts of your presentation to feature most heavily.

The biggest mistake people make in all forms of public speaking is that they think the subject matter will speak for itself. This is only partially true. I help you locate and amplify your passion. It is your enthusiasm for the subject that will make people interested and make them want to learn more and listen closer.

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And if you lack passion? We can find it!

I pride myself on helping someone make their compulsory health and safety presentation at the annual conference an eagerly anticipated event. 

I offer one on one tuition and group tutorial session. Prices on enquiry.