settisoppo PODCAST

What’s the opposite of a potato? This is a very silly but also fun and thought provoking podcast where Simon and I try to find the opposite of things which don't have a natural opposite.

This show came about because of a long car journey where we debated what was the opposite of a Motorway. Two days later we still hadn't decided but thought others would enjoy the debate. So a podcast was born.

I've been working with writer Simon Dunn for many years. We started podcasting together back in 2008 with a show called Sundays Supplement where we reviewed last week's Sunday newspaper supplements. It was entirely pointless but served as a useful bouncing board for ideas for material and other projects. We also got a very loyal listener base, most of whom have followed us to this newer podcast. 

Simon has written for the BBC and Channel 4, for International Emmy Award winning shows. He also writes novels, as well as a daily blog. His hobbies include telling himself to shut up and making beautiful wooden bowls.