Iszi has been making podcasts since 2008 and has appeared on Global Pillage, The Skeptics Guide To The Universe, Chaotic Adequate, The Richard Herring Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, Flixwatcher and many more.

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You can listen to Making History on The BBC Website, iTunes and BBC Sounds.


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The Z List Dead List Podcast

The Z List Dead List is about obscure people from History. It was launched in September 2014 and regularly frequented the top ten history podcasts on iTunes. A mix of live show and interview, with previous guests including Griff Rhys Jones, Tom Holland, Robin Ince, Dan Carlin, Jo Caulfield, Natalie Haynes and many more.

Iszi also tours it at a live show at Museums, theatres and festivals throughout the uk. It can be tailored to any theme. Do get in touch if you want to book iszi for a performance.

The British Museum Membercast

Iszi is both the presenter and part of the production team for the Official British Museum Membercast which explores the exclusive member’s events including lectures and sleepovers. She interviews world experts in the fields of Archaeology, History, Science and Conservation.

SetisoppO Podcast

What’s the opposite of a potato? Iszi and Simon find the opposites of everything from barbie dolls to empiricism. It is a silly podcast, and a it baffles us so many of you listen. If you want to leave requests use our Facebook Page.

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