A Real Life Sin Eater with Bob Mills

The latest Z List Dead List episode is out Bob Mills is one of Iszi's favourite people. He is an hilarious comedian, talented broadcaster and has the best Nanana in History. Prepare yourself for a story of religious tradition, freaky coincidence and probably the weirdest job in History... eating food off dead people.


In other news, the Bright Club Event in Stratford for UCL sold out and every single person in the group I tutored stormed it. I was so proud of them! If you are interested in being taught some public speaking skills by me, do please take a moment to fill in this survey - I'm thinking of taking on real people not just academics ;). 



Incase you missed it there is still time to listen to the latest series of Making History. In the last show you hear me at the Poodle club, and learn the key differences between modern stand up and music hall. 

I hope to fill you in on more plans for 2018 - but you will have to wait until all contracts are signed! Fingers crossed new projects all come to fruition!