Peach Baskets

Sport. I know.

This is not a very Z List episode if you are already a Basketball fan but I'm guessing, not many of us history nerds are... Steve Cross is tho! He explains the magic formula to inventing a world-popular sport. (And it is more than just a random number generator with a soap opera attached.. but not that much more!)

Everything has a history, and this one is particularly amusing. The efforts we go to to stop boys touching themselves and/or fighting.

James Naismith

Steve i

Steve Cross is a comedian, consultant, trainer, Creator of @BrightClubLDN @ScienceShowoff.

'dementedly detailed... and very enjoyable' -The Guardian

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Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcaster and contributor to BBC's Making History and presenter of The British Museum Membercast. @iszi_lawrence.

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BBC Radio 4's Making History is over for another series. However you can still catch up on iplayer or download the podcast here. This series alone I've investigated icy prisons, poisonous plants, pre-reformation pews and Women's Victorian public toilets - or lack thereof! In the last episode I was in studio with Tom Holland talking about St Edmund, The Southall Youth Movement and Steam Trains. Toot toot!