Ian Hislop and 18th Century Bottoms


In this month’s British Museum Membercast I wander around the iObject exhibition which was curated by guest curator Ian Hislop. You can also listen in on an interview he did in The BP Lecture Theatre!


The exhibition is a mish mash collection of objects from different eras and places, some ancient like a name carved into an old brick from several thousand years ago (only important people like the Pharaoh were supposed to do that) to a pink pussy hat that was used in the Women’s March after Trump’s Election in 2016.

I loved the African rugs which just look like normal patterns from a distance… then you get close and realise they are tanks. And the money with SEX written large behind the Queen’s head.

Also they have opportunities for the visitors to make protest badge designs:

the one in the middle is my favourite…

the one in the middle is my favourite…


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