The Terror of the Taxi Cab! With Jo Caulfield

The cry Mother Prodgers! echoes around the streets. Cab drivers flee, leaving the stand empty but for Mrs Caroline Giacometti Prodgers the nemesis of cabmen everywhere!


Jo Caulfield takes the stage at The British Museum to tell you all about this famous litigant and seeker of justice: one cab bill at a time!

Jo Caulfield is at The Edinburgh Fringe 19.40 at The Stand with her show Killing Time - she also is in a play called Brexit Go see her! She is AWESOME.


Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcaster and contributor to BBC's Making History and presenter of The British Museum Membercast. @iszi_lawrence.


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BE seated... The History of the Pew


Enthusiasts for Victorian church architecture are furious that the pews designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott in Bath Abbey have been dismantled and removed and are to be sold. Back in medieval times most churches had no furniture, so why was it introduced and what can it tell us about the people that installed and sat on it? Iszi Lawrence visits Somerset to find out more.

I've been doing a heap of recording for BBC Radio 4's Making History. This series alone I've investigated icy prisons, poisonous plants, pre-reformation pews and on Tuesday I will be talking about Women's Victorian public toilets - or lack thereof!



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