Tough As Old Boots with Alice Fraser

How do 6 stolen boots, a snake and drawing lots result in a man being eaten? Welcome to the horrible tale of Alexander Pearce 1790-1824. Who would eat humans... even when he strictly didn't 'need' to.


Alice Fraser takes the stage at The British Museum to tell you all about this stealer of boots and muncher of people.

Alice Fraser is a comedian and podcaster (Tea with Alice -

I'm on episode 46: Iszi Lawrence - Jiu Jitsu womanhood and fatphobiacast Released24 July 2017 "Iszi Lawrence drinks Diet Coke and Alice drinks Vanilla Rooibos in Yumchaa in Soho. From fighting to gender to fatphobia in one pot of tea. Iszi can be found on twitter @iszi_lawrence Alice is at @aliterative as ever.")


Alice Fraser is at The Edinburgh Fringe 19.55 at The Udderbelly on Bistro Square with her show Ethos. Go see her! She is AWESOME.

Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcaster and contributor to BBC's Making History and presenter of The British Museum Membercast. @iszi_lawrence.

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BBC Radio 4's Making History is over for another series. However you can still catch up on iplayer or download the podcast here. This series alone I've investigated icy prisons, poisonous plants, pre-reformation pews and Women's Victorian public toilets - or lack thereof! In the last episode I was in studio with Tom Holland talking about St Edmund, The Southall Youth Movement and Steam Trains. Toot toot!


Tom Holland is joined by the history podcaster and stand-up comedian Iszi Lawrence.


Have we forgotten the tensions in Southall during the 1960s and 70s which, some argue, paved the way for better race relations in the UK? 

King Edmund of East Anglia lost his life in a period of our history when the country we now know as England was still being defined. He was our patron saint until the 14th century but now he's largely forgotten - and so his is resting place. 

Many mourn the passing of steam trains but, as Helen Castor found out on a trip to Swindon, keeping these beasts going was dirty, dangerous and laborious.


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